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Mini Cooper New

Price: Indian Rs. 26.6 - 29.9 Lac

Key Features

  1. Economy

           Mileage                                                                                   Fuel Tank Capacity (litres)

           13.6 kmpl                                                                                           50

  1. Performance

Engine                                                                                                BHP

1598 cc                                                                                                 181

  1. Capacity

            Seating                                    L:                                           W:                             Height

            4 seats                                  3714mm                                  1683mm                       1407mm

  1. Comfort

Automatic                                                                                       Air Conditioner

   Yes                                                                                                         Yes

  1. Safety

ABS                                                                                               Driver Airbag

            Yes                                                                                                       Yes  

6. City / Highway fuel economy                                                             Fuel Type

          9.3 kmpl / 13.6 kmpl                                                                          Petrol

7. Torque                                                                                                Top speed 

     240Nm@1600-5000rpm                                                                          223km/hr

8. Acceleration (0-100 kmph)                                                               Maximum Power

       7.2 Seconds                                                                                    181bhp@5500rpm

9. No. of Cylinders                                                                                    Drive Type

      4                                                                                                               FWD

10. Gear box                                                                                              Wheel Base

      6 Speed AT                                                                                               2467mm

Mini Cooper hatchback has great fan following, reason being that this car possesses the most impressive specifications that a hatchback car has in the country. Mini Cooper is likely to come with high safety sensors, which perceive the crash or accident situation beforehand and then instigates all the safety systems present in the car.The hatchback too will have low noise, harshness and vibrations. Three point seat belts along with 6 airbags and dynamic stability control mechanism with brilliant lights adds more safety to the car.On the whole, Mini hatchbacks are stable and agile and have the capability to turn flawlessly at any corner of the road. The pickup and acceleration of the car is close to perfect and makes sure that passengers have a smooth and non bumpy ride. The price of the car starts from a whopping Rs 24 lakh.


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