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Chilika Lake Puri Tour

Chilka Pond - Asia's biggest brackish water lagoon with water propagate which range from 1165 sq km m rain to 906 sq km in the dry period is situated in the heart of the seaside Odisha (Orissa). It expands from Bhusandpur in Puri region in the Northern to Rambha-Malud in Ganjan region in the Southern, divided from the Bay of Bengal by a 60 km long filter remove of marshy locations and sand-flats.
Some of the popular locations like Nalabana, Kalijal, Somolo, Honeymoon vacation, Break-fast, Wildlife and Rajahansa populated by small subsistence fishers family members, are popular locations for everyday vessel visits. Because of its wealthy bio-diversity and socio-economic significance, Chilika was specific as a Ramsar site almost 30 years ago to manage better security.
Chilika is identified as one of the most important swamplands in the world because it is home to a incredible wide range of birds. Chilika Pond provides guests a amazing show of its vibrant bird appeal in a million different shades provided by over 160 types in the high period between Nov and Feb. The river and its reed locations teem with nesting birds-white bellied sea silver eagles, ospreys, fantastic plovers, sand pipers, flamingos, pelicans, shovellers, gulls, consist of migratory ones traveling great ranges from Iran, Main Japan and Siberia.

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