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Virat Kohli Debut In Bollywood Opposite Anushka Sharma?

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Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli were tittle-tattle to be cast opposite each other for a Yash Raj Film’s production venture.The news spread like wild fire among the film industry people and the cricketing enthusiasts.

It’s a different thing that I like both of them onscreen together (Remember the shampoo commercial?), but I think they should give more time to their respective careers in their respective professions. After all if Virat comes down to acting, what would happen to the Indian Cricket team heading for the much awaited World Cup 2015?

YRF tweeted a few moments back, “To avoid confusion, we would like to categorically state that there is no plan to launch Virat Kohli in YRF’s next alongside Anushka Sharma.” The duo came out in the open recently about their relationship and have been spotted at every do together.

However, news just came in that this will not happen anytime soon.

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