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Shubh Deepawali


India is a land of Festivals. Many festivals are celebrated here with great pomp and show. Each festival has a religious or mythological significance behind it. Deepawali is one of them. It is the festival of lights. It is celebrated for several days. It falls in the month of October or early November.
Before Deepawali, we clean our houses, prepare various kinds of sweets and hang lanterns in our windows. During Deepawali we burn crackers, eat sweets and draw rangoli on our doorstep.

History of Deepawali

Deepawali is the festival of lights which falls in the month of 'Ashwin' according to Hindu calendar. This is the most popular festival of North India. It is celebrated when Lord Ram, Sita and Lakshman returned to Ayodhya after 14 years of exile. People of Ayodhya welcomed them with lighted oil lamps. That is why it is called the 'Festival of Lights. Every year on the day of Deepawali we celebrate and pray respect to the Goddess Lakshmi. Hindi means of 'Deepawali' is a row of diyas. Almost every house and street is decorated with colourful bulbs, lamps, and candles,Diyas on the day of Deepawali. people start Deepawali in evening by praying of God. Next, people decorate their house with candles and diyas and then thanking God for all he has given them.

Deepawali is the Five-Days Festival

Deepawali is a five day festival in India. Dhanteras is the first day of Deepawali. On this day people buy jewellery, silver and gold coins. On the second day, Roop Chaudas people bath with uptan. On the third and the main Deepawali day idols of Ganesha and Lakshmi are worshiped (Lakshmi Puja). On this day Kali Puja performed in Bengal. Skies are full of blooms of crackers. Some days before Deepawali people burn statues of evil King Ravana. This is because Lord Rama defeated him. Thus, Deepawali is a festival which celebrates victory of good over evil.

The night of amavasya is transformed into Purnima by glory of diyas. Fourth day is celebrated as new year according to Hindu calander. Bhaiya dhuj is celebrated on fifth day which is express to love between a brother and sister and brother gives a gift to his sister.


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