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Who Is The Most Educated Person In India

Most educated person in India
Dr. Hardial Singh Sainbhy from Jagraon, a town in District Ludhiana, Punjab (INDIA) is the most educated person on the planet Earth. Born in village Akhara, district Ludhiana, on 10th June, 1942, he has to his credit 35 degrees including 17 Post-graduate degrees
list of which is as follows
  1. MA (English)
  2. MA (Punjabi)
  3. MA (Economics)
  4. MA (Public Administration)
  5. MA (Philosophy)
  6. MA (Gandhian and Peace Studies)
  7. MA (Political Science)
  8. MA (History)
  9. MA (Defence and Strategy)
  10. MA (Ancient Hstory, Culture and Archeology)
  11. MA (Sociology)
  12. MA (Sikh Studies)
  13. MA (Religious Studies)
  14. MA (Women Studies)
  15. MA (Hindi)
  16. MA (Journalism and Mass Communication)
  17. Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) in Gandhian Studies
  18. PGD in Adi Granth Acharya,
  19. PGD in Population Education,
  20. PGD in Mass Communication
  21. PGD in Human Rights and Duties
  22. LLB
  23. Diploma in Guru Granth Studies,
  24. Diploma of Office Organization and Procedures
  25. Diploma in Civil Engineering
  26. AMIE
  27. AMISE
  28. Shiksha Visharad (Equivalent to B.Ed.)
  29. Diploma in Medicine and Homeopathy (Gold Medalist)
  30. RMP (Homeopathy)
  31. RMP (Arurved)
  32. Ayurved Rattan (Equivalent to BAMS)
  33. Gyani
  34. Vidwan
  35. Junior Management Course
Dr. Hardial Singh Sainbhy has not only 21 Post-Graduate degrees to his credit, but also 14 degrees of Graduate level. It deserves mention that to be a top-notch bureaucrat i.e. an IAS or IPS officer in India, one has to have only one Graduate-level Degree, and to be eligible to get the job of an expert or Professor in a University, one has to have one PG Degree. But, to have 35 degrees in his kitty, is not a child's play, especially for a person, whose parents have been uneducated, and who has to face the ire of his parents for daring to go to the college! Having rural background, and a very humble economic condition, the superhero in Dr. HS Sainbhy earned degree after degree to be first the maximum degrees holder in the district, then in the state of Punjab, then his country India, and then the World.
He conquered the world of degrees by dint of his sheer diligence, consistent focus and daring attitude. He not only succeeded in adding so many educational feathers to his turban (nay cap), but also earned the livelihood by becoming a Colonel-rank officer in Military Engineering Service (MES) in India. He literarlly rose from rags to riches, and attained degrees, status and a rank. Today, he is living a happy, retired life with his children and grandchildren. His daughter is a professor in a college, while his elder, middle and younger sons are DM (Oncology) i.e. super-specialist in the field of Cancer disease, PCS (A) and an Advocate respectively.

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