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Aloobari Gompa In Darjeeling

The Aloobari Gompa is a wonderful monastery known for its wonderful structure. It is house to priests from Tibet and Sikkim who also offer spiritual products and crafts from a store within the complicated. This wonderful monesery si alos known as Mak Drong Gompa and if you are going towards Darjeeling, you can check out Thupten Sangachoeling Gompa and Sonada Gomba

Aloobari Gompa, which is located three miles away from the middle of Darjeeling, is a monastery where you will discover Tibetan and Sikkimese priests. These priests offer spiritual components and other crafts. If you are looking for purchasing as well as touring, then Aloobari Gompa is a position of option to check out. The huge monastery, in shiny red and bright, is a food to the sight. Aloobari Gomba is known as Mak Drong Gomba and is along Tenzing Norgay Street. Thupten Sangachoeling Gompa and Sonada Gomba are other monasteries also seen close by, in between Aloobari Gompa and Darjeeling.

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