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Mahakal Temple In Darjeeling

The Mahakal forehead on top of the Observatory Mountain is a most recognized position for the residents and you will be amazed to discover a Hindu clergyman giving a typical church with a Buddhist monk.

The earliest website in Darjeeling is said to be the Observatory Mountain, where a Buddhist Monastery known as Dorje Ling, or 'place of the Thunderbolt' once was standing. Darjeeling comes its name from this identify. In 1782, three siva-lingas comprising Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwar are said to have demonstrated themselves here. From then on, the Mahakala forehead devoted to Master Shiva came into being and is these days significantly venerated as enthusiasts from all areas of the group go up for praise.

Prayers are chanted by a hindu clergyman while a Buddhist monk flows from the Buddhist Sacred Scriptures. Devotees circumambulate the shrine three periods, without shoes while buzzing the alarms that are placed around it. You will see thousands of prayer banners put all over the shrine and on plants, fluttering in the piece of cake. Observe out though for the naughty apes that travel around the hill part. The holy website is well-known with both Buddhist as well as Hindu worshippers. The whole landscape is one of excellent serenity and relaxed atmosphere.

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