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Toy Train Rides In Darjeeling

The Darjeeling Himalayan Train is adoringly known as the "Toy Train". The Toy Practice journey is a loving strategy to the Himalayas, a strange area. The scenery can only be described as amazing and the opinions of the Himalayan mountains spectacular. The Darjeeling Toy Practice is one of the most popular filter (2 legs ) evaluate teaches.

This joy journey starts at New Jalpaiguri, a busy train place in the flatlands. The flatlands are much more hotter than the mountains and as the practice goes up the mountains the environment gets much cooler. Therefore you should keep warm clothes useful as one needs them. Leaving New Jalpaiguri place the practice goes through the borders of Siliguri town and gets to Siliguri place. After a short stop the practice results in Siliguri place and goes across the Mahanadi link over the Mahanadi stream which moves from the Himalayan foothills.

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