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Naval Aviation Museum Goa

The Naval Aviation Museum is located about 2 miles from Bogmalo beach. It is the only Museum of Naval Aviation in Asia and there is also one of only seven museums naval aviation in the world and The Museum of Naval Aviation, the actual aircraft spanning the history of naval aviation efforts in India shows. Lockheed Super Constellation tower used in the 70's for maritime reconnaissance and amphibious land short sea shipping - one among the only three surviving in the world, and the first naval aircraft to be acquired by India is the near the museum.

Also present at the museum are the first helicopter of the Indian Navy, the Hu Hughes 296c, the Vampire jet trainer, the Alize anti-submarine, dove hunting and versatile Tues Hark (a veteran of the war between India and Pakistan ). However, the Sea Harrier Jump Jet which is at the forefront of service with the Indian Navy is now exposing the prize here and Naval memorabilia displayed inside the museum building. In the living Vintage torpedoes are weapons, rockets and depth charges deployed in all previous wars. The stock photography section is adorned with aerial photos taken by Indian terrorists that provide a graphic description of the destruction of the port of Chittagong and the destruction of Pakistan Navy, along with previously unpublished photos of the liberation of Goa and the India highlights of the naval aviation - the liberation of East Pakistan in 1971.

museum is open daily from 10 am to 5 pm except Mondays.

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