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Adinath Temple Khajuraho

A softly designed forehead with wonderful statues, Adinath Temple is devoted to the Jain st., Adinath. Considered to be designed in the 1200's, this forehead is an important component of the Jain list of wats. The surfaces are ornamented with magnificently designed numbers of judge performers. Though the forehead had not been renewed to its former form, some kind of remodeling assisted to sustain its former wonder. Only the sanctum and vestibule of the old shrine has been live through the beatings of time.
A contemporary entry stage, made of lime-plastered brickwork, displaying curved entrances, changes its ‘mandapa’ and entry patio. The forehead is designed by means of 'sapta-ratha', and its single towered 'shikhara' gives the shrine a elegant look.

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