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WWE Night Of Champions 2014 Results

Victories That Will Impact Hell in a Cell

At WWE's Night of Champions pay-per-view, there were several notable wins that should heavily impact the company's Hell in a Cell event next month.

The Miz regained the Intercontinental Championship from Dolph Ziggler in their match, thanks to some help from sidekick Damien Sandow. One possibility is that Ziggler and Miz could clash again at Hell in a Cell.

With the steel cage preventing Sandow from getting involved, fans could see Ziggler win the belt again, bringing this long-running midcard feud to its natural and feel-good conclusion—and give Ziggler a crucial boost going forward.    

In another interesting event from the card, AJ Lee won back the Divas Championship in her triple-threat match with Paige and Nikki Bella. The bout actually managed to be shockingly decent, considering the inexperienced and clumsy Bella was in there.

So what's next for Lee at Hell in a Cell?

She could face Paige again, I suppose, but I wouldn't be too surprised if WWE came up with a fresh foe for her. The lengthy Paige vs. Lee rivalry may have run its course.

Maybe it's time to call up Charlotte from NXT to go against Lee? She's certainly talented enough to justify the promotion. Or maybe go with an established girl on the roster, like Summer Rae or Layla El or Natalya?

Sheamus retained his United States Championship against Cesaro in a tremendous match that served as a highlight of the undercard. Similar to the situation with Lee, WWE has a choice. It can go with Cesaro at Hell in a Cell or choose someone new.

Going by just how terrific Sheamus/Cesaro was, I'd urge the bookers to go with a rematch. These two have amazing chemistry, and fans should be allowed to see them wrestle at least once more.

In other news from the Nashville show: John Cena technically won his title match by DQ in the main event of the show when an opportunistic Seth Rollins ran in at the end, took out Cena and attempted to cash in his Money in the Bank title shot on Brock Lesnar.

However, per the rules, the former UFC star still left with the belt. (Due to the bell never actually ringing, Rollins still has his title shot, too.)

The muddled nature of the ending seems to have indicated that WWE could be heading for a triple-threat match at Hell in a Cell, with Rollins thrown into the title mix. Presumably this will be where all three men will settle their issues, once and for all.

A triple threat is an interesting possibility.

There probably isn't much appeal in a third Cena/Lesnar singles bout on pay-per-view, and it's about time Rollins starting getting booked in more main events. The match would probably be great, too: Lesnar and Cena have really been delivering lately, and Rollins is easily one of the best and most skilled wrestlers on the roster.

Following Night of Champions, Hell in a Cell is shaping up to be a rather intriguing pay-per-view. There are quite a few promising options going forward for people on the booking team. Let’s hope they make the most of them.

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