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Rohit Sharma Made The New World Record Of Highest Score In Cricket

Rohit Sharma made the new world record score of 264 to against Sri Lanka on 13 Nov. 2014

This 264 not only made Sehwag's 219 seem like a tame century, it also made that Rohit's first double century, scored last winter against Australia, seem small and simple as well.

Rohit Sharma accepted the gift with glee previously unknown to add 260 more runs – yes, on his own, not as a team – to finish with a world record score of 264 that will take some breaking.

The unexplainable knock in the 4th ODI against Sri Lanka in Kolkata is even more amazing when you take the fact that this was Rohit Sharma's first international match in two and a half months.

The right-hander from Mumbai had been forced to watch from his home as India played the West Indies and the first three ODIs against Sri Lanka owing to a finger injury sustained against England in late August.

Yes, Sri Lanka did not have the greatest of bowlers, and yes, Sri Lanka have looked like a team that does not even want to be there on the field, and yes, the series is already over. But, to go to the Eden Gardens, albeit sparsely filled today, and play like Rohit did requires a special talent, a willow-wielding magic that is not given to a mere mortal.

By Ajinkya Rahane, the 27-year-old used all that pent up energy stored from waiting on the sidelines on the Sri Lanka bowlers, carting them to wherever he pleased to score the most remarkable ODI knocks you will ever see.

Forget the fact that en route to his 264 he became the first player to ever score two double centuries in ODI cricket, or that he obliterated Virender Sehwag's top score of 219; this innings was worth watching purely because of the brutality mixed with that only-Rohit-has-it elegance.


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