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Taj Museum Agra

Taj Art gallery is one of the popular sightseeing opportunities in Agra. It is situated within the property of Taj Mahal which is recognized to be an perfect example of everlasting really like and a well known bright stone structural perform of art.

The Taj Mahal Art gallery in Agra, Indian was established in 1982. It is in the beginning of Naubat Khana in the western. Naubat Khana is also termed as Jal Mahal and is a 2 varied developing status on an raised foundation.

Taj Art gallery functions 3 exhibits and a primary area. This wealthy museum in Taj Mahal functions products that were used in developing Taj Mahal. In this comprehensive storage facility of antiquities you will come across as many as 121 things d’art. The products on show variety from little works of art of Mughals, manuscripts, govt decrees, calligraphy, hands, eating utensils, designs of Taj Complicated, works of art, inlay perform and stone support beams among others.

On going to the primary area of the Taj Art gallery you will opportunity upon the cream color works of art of Shah Jahan and his dearest spouse Mumtaz Mahal. The decorative wood made supports and vintage silver coins are also exciting to look at. In one of the exhibits of the Taj Art gallery you will also get to see Nearby works of art and the manuscripts of Chaihl Majlis the source of which can be tracked returning to 1612 AD. The manuscript contains Shah Jahan’s trademark and the elegant closure which goes returning to 4th Feb 1628.

Finally, in the 3rd collection of the collection are kept farmans and details, sample of calligraphy, 2 works of art of Taj Mahal created by the English specialist Daniel in 1795 AD. You will also find details of the public auction of fruit organised in the lawn of the mausoleum of Taj ganj among other details.

Entry to Taj Museum is start all the times except Fridays. The starting time begins from 10.00 am until 5.00 pm. On a trip to Taj Museum you need to keep this Taj Mahal Guest Information in thoughts to prevent any kind of difficulty.

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