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George And StMarys Church Tours Chennai

St. Mary's Chapel is one of the earliest English structures in Indian and it is also regarded as the earliest Anglican Chapel Eastern of Suez.

The English Eastern Indian Organization which joined Indian around 1600 AD for dealing actions gradually filled the whole country and began judgment the country. Chennai, the erst while Madras, was one of the places filled by the English Eastern Indian Organization in their previously years. Ft St. Henry was designed by the English in the year of 1639. The secretariat of Tamil Nadu local govt is within the fort. (Tamil Nadu is the condition where the town Chennai/Madras is located). Apart from the secretariat developing and various workplaces, the structures having travel and leisure significance are Art gallery and St. Mary's Chapel.

St. Mary's Chapel is a traditionally essential cathedral. The historical prayer home within the cathedral solemnized the weddings of John Clive and Elihu Yale (Co-founder of Yale School of USA). The cathedral is complete of plaques and memorials. The Baptisms are going on in this cathedral since 1680 AD. You will discover that historical typeface in this cathedral. The internal surfaces of this wonderful cathedral are designed by little sculptures.

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