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Bengal Natural Museum In Darjeeling

Organic record galleries are a naturalist's pleasure, offering him with an fascinating understanding into natural globe of plants. These galleries illustrate the ancient facts of natural globe and development of the ecosystem. Touring in Darjeeling will manage you with several such sites that offer glimpses into natural globe. There are several backyards and galleries that entice a lot of guests. The Bengal Organic History Art gallery in Darjeeling is one such museum that shows many Himalayan wildlife. Other than the museum discuss can also be made of the organic and the zoological backyards like the Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Playground in Darjeeling and the Lloyd Botanical Lawn in Darjeeling .

The Bengal Organic History Art gallery in Darjeeling was recognized in the 1903. At the Bengal Organic History Art gallery in Darjeeling make your associate with 4300 types of Himalayan wildlife and also a wide range of wildlife native to Bengal and Darjeeling in particular. The popular attracts at the museum include seafood insets, wildlife, fowl egg, animals, seeing stars and a lot of herbarium.

Also located at the Bengal Organic History Art gallery of Darjeeling, Indian is a unusual wide range of crocodile, the estuarine crocodile. This particular types of crocodile is attributed for the loss of many human life in Japan.

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