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Birch Hill Park Tours In Darjeeling

Jawahar Parbat or Birch Mountain Playground is close to the Retail center and the Raj Bhawan is situated here. About two km from Observatory Mountain, on the european side of Birch Mountain is the Himalayan Outdoor Institution. The art gallery features an range of backpacking equipment, plants types, outfits of the local communities and several mementos sent by Outdoor groups of the world.

Birch Mountain Playground, also known as Jawahar Parbat is an off-shoot from the Retail center and homes the Raj Bhavan. Some of the well-known sightseeing opportunities situated here are Outdoor Art gallery, Himalayan Outdoor Institution and Observatory Mountain.

Darjeeling is a mountain place designed by the English to evade the warm and discovered the ideal significance of the area. Darjeeling is well known for its tea market and eco-tourism. Birch Hill off-shoot from The Retail center is an unique personal area where the Raj Bhavan is situated. The Himalayan Outdoor Institution is on the european encourage of Birch Hill Playground, about a km and 50 percent from Observatory Hill. This is a backpacking art gallery, having a great selection of backpacking devices, types of plants, conventional outfit of Himalayan communities, mementos from backpacking groups from all over the world and a comfort design of the main hills of the Himalayas. Darjeeling is generally known as the Haven of the Eastern with snowfall dressed hills, the amazing perspective of the sun rising and the holy monasteries that make the place a preferred location of the visitors.

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