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Happy Valley Tea Garden In Darjeeling

Satisfied Place Tea Property is a tea farming floor in Darjeeling region, Western Bengal. The estate was recognized in the season 1854 by Mark Wilson, an Brit, who had known as the lawn Wilson Tea Property and by 1860 had began farming of tea. In 1903, Satisfied Place Tea Property was taken over by an Native indian, Tarapada Banerjee, an aristocrat from Hooghly. In 1929, Tarapada Banerjee purchased the Windsor tea estate and combined another close by estate and provided the name Satisfied Place tea estate.

The plants in the Satisfied Place Tea Property are very old. The record of this tea lawn in Darjeeling goes back to more than 80 years; some plants are even 150 decades of age. Very few re-plantations in Darjeeling have been done in previous times. Satisfied Place Tea Property is the nearest estate to Darjeeling city and guests often check out the lawn have fun with the picturesque elegance and landscape of tea farming. This tea estate in Darjeeling can be found 3 km away from Darjeeling city and is located below the Mountain Wagon Street in the Darjeeling Eastern Place. The lawn can be achieved on base or by simply getting a vehicle. The estate is at an elevation of 2750 m above sea stage and protects an area of 111 hectares. Visitors can also utilize of to be able to see pulling and handling of tea during the several weeks from Apr to Nov in Satisfied Place Tea Property. It is start from 8 00 am to 4 00 pm on all times except Monday.

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