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Lloyd Botanical Garden In Darjeeling

Built on a 40 acre of land, Lloyd Organic Lawn has a yard code attributed by the Indian native Organic Lawn Network. The yard mainly maintains various plants types that belong indigenous to Darjeeling Himalayan area, Sikkim and other nearby areas. Not only these, it also maintains several unique vegetation variety too. The Orchid selection of this botanical yard is also amazing. While the cactus and Moist area of vegetation types a individual sunroom in the yard. This different area shows near about 150 flower types.

The unique and spectacular selection of unusual flower types make this botanical yard of Darjeeling a hot favorite among both the visitors as well as local people. The herbarium area of the yard shows some unusual botanical types. Darjeeling Lloyd Organic Lawn reveals everyday except Weekend. One also cannot visit this yard on the bank vacations. The yard reveals at 6.00 in the morning to 5.00pm in the evening. If you want to see more miracle of characteristics then Victoria Drops, relaxing at a distance of 30 minutes walk from the yard, is holding out to invite you in by its unique beauty.

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