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Tiger Hill Tour In Darjeeling

The Competition Hill is situated about 11 km from Darjeeling, at an elevation of 2555 measures above the sea stage. The beginning perspective of Kanchenjunga, the greatest install after Mount The tallest mountain and K2, and other southern mountains of the Himalayas is fantastic.

On a obvious day, Mount The tallest mountain, which is around 225 km from Competition Mountains, can also be seen; however, this is a unusual vision. One must get up at 4 am to be able to be there to look at the sun rising. As the sun increases, along with of the mountain changes, which is an awesome vision.

Competition Mountain is about 12km from Darjeeling and is a paradise for visitors viewing the hills. You have to get up at 4am to create it there in here we are at sun rising, over the Install Kangchenjunga variety. As the sun seems to be, the hill changes shade in what is a really awesome vision. It is the third maximum hill on the globe and The tallest mountain is readable in the variety.

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