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Arvalem Caves Goa

In passing the city of Sanquelim, a path which leads to diverting Arvalem Caves. The caves of the sixth century, are very small, without articulating sculptures or paintings.

The origin of these caves is uncertain, some believe they are of Buddhist origin, although the presence of lingas not justify this statement claiming that they are Brahmin origin.

It was also stated that is known as Pandava caves, which means the kingdom of the Pandavas during their exile here 12 years, as described in the Mahabharata. The axes of the four lingas carved into the cave resemble those found in the famous Elephanta and Ellora caves.

The caves are very Arvalem patterns in the style of Buddhist caves, dug into the rock at the laterite stone, with the sanctuary in the far north and the vihara on the south end.

The claim that the caves are of Buddhist origin is a statement justified, mainly due to the discovery of a huge Buddha statue near Buddha head and a quarter century in the house found Mhamai Kamat is already installed in the State Museum Goa.

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