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Budbudyanchi Tali Goa

The Tali Budbudyanchi bubble or lake also known locally as Budbud Talli Talli Bomadyanchi or is in Sanguem Taluka in Netravali. It is a sacred tank of bubbles associated with the temple of Gopinath and appears to be green and very clean.

The Tali Budbudyanchi or deposit of the bubbles is well known in Goa as here you can see the bubbles rising to the surface continuously in different places. There are several legends about the origin of the bubbles and, some say, is a miracle of the local deity. However, according to scientists, the bubbles can be caused by sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, limestone or methane.

The bubbles in the Tali Budbudyanchi known to increase in intensity if one claps strange force. The tank in the form of laterite masonry has a flight of stairs everywhere leading to the sacred deposit. A huge box-shaped laterite pedestal is in the center of the tank

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