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Cabo De Rama Goa

Cabo De Rama at the southern end is situated 16 km north of Agonda beach on the coast road of Colva bay. Also known as El Cabo de Rama, which takes its name from the Hindu Ramayana epic hero, Lord Rama as according to Hindu belief Lord Rama during his exile from Ayodhya stayed here.

The layer is topped by a fortress which was originally a Hindu structure and rebuilt by the Portuguese in 1763, after its acquisition of the Maratha rule Probe. He was 21 guns for defense, a chapel, barracks and quarters for the use of the commander under the Portuguese.

Well was there also inside the fort and one of the two springs that were round about them, hot and cold water that is used to exit from two different tubes. It was used as a prison until 1955 after he was taken by the British from 1792 to 1813. The main entrance has been restored and yellow wash, but the strength is now in ruins.

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