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Mapusa Market Goa

A famous market and fondly known as' Mapusa Friday Market "as it is held every Friday. This is completely full and lively variety is loaded with great shopping, because every inch of the place is reserved by sellers as a very small space for shoppers to move from the regular positions are reserved with mats and temporary tables.

You will find all types of job requirements for barbershops lottery, fruit stalls vegetable stands, there is no street fish and dry fish stalls with all kinds of fish. you will be find all kinds of fruits and vegetables, as well as an attractive presentation some Moira Bananas, Mango, Chikkus, watermelons, pumpkins, cabbages and depending on the seasons. There is also a street in the spice and baking and different types of handicrafts made ��of coconut fiber, clothes, glass bangles, sausages, baskets Channa, the meat market are added Mapusa market characteristics. In each location you will find bars and restaurants or tea stalls serving refreshments.

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