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Rivona Caves Goa

The Rivona Caverns also known as the Pandava caverns are in the City of Rivona in Southeast area Goa at about 5 km northeast of Ponda. They are regarded to be dug in the 6th or 7th century by the Buddhist clergymen.
At the Buddhist caverns at Rivona one can see a "Pitha", which is developed out of laterite and is regarded to have offered as the seat of the trainer. The caverns are also regarded one of the few situations of Buddhist effect recognizable in Goa nowadays.The main beginning to the caverns is next to a little stepped well or package at beneath of the rock. This is between a 16th century bas-relief of Hanuman, the Hindu equine God and causes the cellular on the in the.
The caverns at Rivona are quite strange and one may have to ask around a bit to get to the right path. To get to Rivona however it is quite easy as by road, Rivona is well related with Quepem and Margao.

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