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Spice Planatations Goa

The liven plants in Goa are located in the Ponda region and are quite popular as a major vacationer fascination. The plants use organic methods of farming and gardening and are known to produce many of Goa's fantastic fragrant spices or herbs.
At the liven plants in Goa one can discover the areas and the plants. A guide is known to explain about all the spices or herbs and plants also tell about their healing qualities. One can also see men ascending Betel Nut plants which are very high and how they keep things in balance whilst pulling betel nut fruit from those swaying plants.
The liven plants are known to be handled by people who succeed in the technical know how of gardening spices or herbs and who have complete knowledge. Spice up, cardamom, nutmeg, vanilla flavor, nutmeg, cloves, chillies, cilantro, betel nut hand are some of the spices or herbs one will find at the farmville farm. Exotic fruit such as Custard celery, Pawpaw, Apples, Pineapples, Lemon or lime fruit etc are also grown here. Apart from the spices or herbs and tropical fruit at the plants one can also get to see a variety of types of wildlife that have been spotted within the farmville farm. These include cuckoos, koel, cousals, owls, maina, horn bills, pittas, wildlife, large silver eagles and many more.

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