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The Azad Maidan Goa

It is the little story in Panjim city, a pavilion in the middle currently designed and in the middle is the sculpture of Dr. Tristao de Braganza Cunha, the former Goan Independence Martial artist, He was the ‘Valiant Idol of Goan Battle for Freedom’. Formerly during Colonial in 1847 the Condition of Afonso Albuquerque created of brown and two measures high was designed, after overcoming various websites in Goa which is now position in Art gallery at Old Goa. Near to this is one monument devoted to those who conducted to free the Goa from Colonial Guideline.
On the western aspect of the rectangle is lengthy wide building; behind this is a Cops Headquarter; previously it was the former Colonial army barracks and Military Head office which was designed in 1832. Just further end of rectangle is Menezes Braganza Institution having large collection, unique known Vasco da Gama Institution designed in 1871 to market the Literary works, Artistry and Technology, and in 1953 was relabeled in regard of Luis de Menezes Braganza (1878 – 1938), an excellent crusader for public, spiritual and governmental.
Opposite to Institution, next to boat terminal is a monument commit to the affected individuals who passed away in 1901, when boat perished in Mandovi Stream going from Panjim to Verem, 80 one individuals passed away in this incident. This funeral service was designed Goan household residing in Aden, since they have missing their household members in this occurrence. On the other of this rectangle towards the completing aspect of it, is the Govt Publishing Media and at the returning of this complete developing in a big quadrangle perspective is mastered by the other Condition Govt Workplaces.

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