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Usgalimal Rock Carvings Goa

The unusual rock styles of Usgalimal were discovered in 1993 by the Villagers of Usgalimal, which is situated at about 16 kms the southern aspect of area of Rivona in the Sanguem taluka in the southern aspect of area Goa.
The villagers recommended the archaelogists about the information of pre historical contract who were led outside the city to a increase in the flow Kushawati. Here they saw a show of laterite, which due to the monsoon deluges was secured in a aspect of mud that was taken downstream. Once they removed this it was seen that the rock had styles of around one variety of exclusive outcomes, which engaged images of Bulls, spirals, selections and personal outcomes. The Usgalimal rock styles is now one of the most important basic sites in western Native indian as they are considered up to now between 20 and 30 thousand years ago from the Greater Paleolithic or Mesolithic hundreds of years.
Now a periods one can easily get to the styles at Usgalimal as a board has been designed by the ASI along the curbside for promotion. This makes it much much easier to get there as the web page is unseen behind an old steel my own and it is also situated quite far away from the coast.

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