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Parsvanath Temple Khajuraho

Devoted to one of the Jain theerthankaras, Parsvanath forehead drops under the southeast list of wats of Khajuraho. Regarded as the biggest of the Jain wats, Parsvanath Temple can be found in the secured area. The sanctum of this mid-sized shrine is ornamented by the idol of Parsvanath.
One of the attribute functions of this shrine is that the statues of this fantastic shrine are non-erotic. The forehead homes statues of stunning Surasundaries in various eye-catching positions, and the sculpture of one implementing make-up and another eliminating a thorn from her legs on the southeast façade and yet another attaching on ankle-bells on the north façade creates eye capturing scene.
The temples of Khajuraho span a wide time frame ranging from the 9th to the 13th century AD and features many styles and evolutions of architectural techniques and patterns. Despite a unity of design among most of the temples, each is unique in its own way. Though most of the temples are Hindu temples, there are a few Jain temples in Khajuraho. Parsvanath temple, Khajuraho is the largest of them.
Parsvanath temple, Khajuraho typifies the way in which various religions dovetailed into each other in the glorious past of ancient India. It was originally devoted to the Jain god Adinath who was represented as a bull, but a statue of Parsvanath came to be established in the temple in 1860. From then on it came to be known in its present name. Although officially considered to be a Jain temple, the outer wall of this temple contain great many sculptures of Hindu gods and goddesses.
The sculptures are extremely beautiful and follows the refined sculptural styles of high Chandela art. The sculptures of Parsvanath temple, Khajuraho may not include the many erotic overtones of most other temples of the area, but it does have many charming details. Along with the many figures of the divinities that grace the outer wall, figures of apsaras and nymphs in varied sensuous poses also abound.

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