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Naina Devi Temple Nainital

This forehead of Naina devi is located on the north end of Naini Pond, after whom the city is known as. "Naina" indicates "eye" and "tal" indicates "lake". It is considered that the eye of the goddess Parvati dropped into the river as her partner Shiva was holding her returning to his residing on Install Kailash. There is event here during August/September in honor of Nanda Devi, who is client goddess of Kumaon. Though the forehead is known as after Naina Devi (another name for Sati), the greatest public event here is the event organised in honor of Nanda Devi, the client goddess of Kumaon mountains and a regional queen Sunanda Devi. The unique Naina Devi forehead was damaged in a landslide in 1880 and then renewed. Nanda Devi Mela is a reasonable of excellent spiritual and public importance. It is said that the gleaming natural ocean of the Naini Pond is a expression of the ruby eye of Sati. 'Naina' indicates vision which represents the vision of Sati. On the north part of the river is designed a forehead devoted to Sati and is known as the Naina Devi forehead. Near the forehead is the Tibetan industry which offers many exciting products. The Nainital Vessel Team is a well-known vacationer fascination. Many of our movie administrators have taken the river for music series. The sundown over the river is an awesome vision. The expression of the nearby mountains in the river makes a picture which is indescribably wonderful.

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