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Old Fort Tours New Delhi

Designed by the fantastic innovator Sher Shah Suri in the 16th century A.D, the well-known Old Ft these days can be discovered in continues to be. The Old Ft or the Purana Qila is also known as the 'Qila-i-kuhna masjid' and has stay through the issues of your power and power. The citadel is an perfect example of Lodi style of structure. Actually its structure seems to be a fantastic mixture of the Hindu, Islamic and Afghan style. The ft functions of awe- encouraging archways and domes along with three double-storied main gateways dressed in 'chhatris' on its roof top which are discovered in the north, southeast and european recommendations.
The Old Ft is located quite near to Humayun’s Severe and Native indian Checkpoint. It is regarded that the growth of the ft was started by Humayun, one of the greatest leaders of his kingdom. But later on Sher Shah defeated Humayun, took over the citadel and completed the structure. Also there is a little lake near the Old Ft that suits the boating functions for the guests.
The Ft is designed up of red sandstone along with the evaluation of beaches and the areas of the ft are 18 measures fantastic. The Purana Quila has three large gateways - The Humayun Darwaza, the Bara Darwaza and the Talaqi Darwaza.
The three gateways are dual different and developed with red sandstone. The Humayun Darwaza and the Bara Darwaza were the two gateways that were only suitable for arriving into the ft. These days only the Bara Darwaza is started out for accessibility. The Talaqui Darwaza is located to the north element of the ft and accessibility was banned through the Talaqi Darwaza as the name indicates. Talaqi indicates ‘forbidden'.
The Old Ft houses a wide range of awesome components such as Quila Kuhna Masjid and the Sher Mandal. Both were designed by Sher Shah in a large style. The masjid is inner a mixture of rock and sandstone. There is a prayer place in the masjid and has five entryways with horse footwear established archways.
The Sher Mandal is now an observatory. It was suitable for entertainment purpose. The structure and style of the creating indicates its architectural beauty. Once upon an event the Sher Mahal was used by Sher Shah as his own selection.
There is a selection at the gate of the Purana Quila which houses important artifacts from the Mughal era.
The Old Ft is located at the traditional web page of Indraprastha and is regarded that there were many conditions which were from the Purana Qila in the well-known Hindu awesome Mahabharata. Potteries have also been discovered goes arriving back to the periods of Mahabharata. The Historical excavation of the web page is proof to the factor that community continued here even in 1000 BC.
This old yet awesome ft has been a notice to some of the greatest actions in the history of Native indian. A journey to the spectacular and encouraging Purana Qila should be on your routine.
You must not miss the Sound and Light Display at the Old Ft. The show provides the history of the Delhi Old Ft which goes arriving back to 5000 years. The most awesome element is that the nine consistently of water come existing see how to prevent which is captivating!

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