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Raj Ghat Tours New Delhi

Rajghat is the last relaxing position of Mahatma Gandhi, the Dad of the Country. The cremation of Mahatma Gandhi took position at the Delhi Raj Ghat only, on Thirty first Jan 1948. The funeral service rock of Mahatma Gandhi placed there is a easy rectangle foundation created of dark rock, with the terms "Hey Ram" written near it. As respect to the Mahatma, an everlasting fire, in a birdwatcher urn, keeps on losing there. Attaching the funeral service is a low walls, easy with no decoration.
Every Saturday, a memorial wedding occurs at the Delhi Raj Ghat Nationwide Memorial.
Along with that, on the wedding (2nd October) as well as loss of life wedding (30th January) of Mahatma Gandhi, wishes are organised here. 30 Jan, the day Mahatma Gandhi was killed is kept in mind as Martyr's Day. The Mahatma Gandhi Samadhi, in New Delhi, is located among a lawn with features and several stunning plants. Situated near Raj Ghat, are two museums devoted to Gandhi that home a variety of belongings as well as pictures of Mahatma Gandhi. There is also a wonderful Zinat-ul Masjid (Most Beautiful of Mosques) looking over the Rajghat.

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