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Markandesvara Puri Tour

Markandeyesvara Forehead, placed near the Bindu Sagar and presumed to be designed during Thirteenth millennium, is a well known Shiva temple. The temple appears like the other two popular Shiva wats in Orisaa, Vaital Deul Forehead and Sisiresvara Forehead. The minor distinction with the Sisiresvara temple is in the decoration of the doorframe, in which ‘graha’ (Planet) Ketu is missing and the numbers of other eight 'Grahas' are only showed.
The frontage of the temple is ornamented with a Chaitya screen, presenting a determine of Nataraja with ten hands. The beautifully etched pictures of Goddess Parvati, Master Muruga and Master Ganesh are placed perfectly in the marketers of the primary sanctum. The area places are designed with different types of Master Shiva, such as Aja-Ekapada and Ardhanarishwar. It is value to check out this temple, to add the fascination there is a designed picture of Mahishasuramardini ornamented with four hands, which is spectacular.

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