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Fateh Sagar Lake Udaipur

Fateh Sagar Pond is the second synthetic lake of Udaipur, the first being Jaisamand lake. In the northern of Pond Pichola, Fateh Sagar Pond can be found just besides the entry to Moti Magri Mountain. Designed in 1678 by Maharana Jai Singh, Fateh Sagar Pond got its name from Maharana Fateh Singh, who later made inclusions in it. Referring to the research of Fateh Sagar, the river expands to the duration of 2.4 km, 1.6 km. in size and strong to the level of 11.5 gauge. During the monsoons, the river protects the complete area of around 1 sq km.
Fateh Sagar Pond is well-planned with three consumption programs and an flood path that is usually introduced into play in rain. Fateh Sagar Pond is ornamented by three little destinations, which can be achieved by getting a vessel drive in the river. The biggest isle of the river is designed into a recreation area by the name of Nehru Park. The garden consists of a boat-shaped cafe and a little zoo for children. This isle recreation area is the preferred eat outside identify of Udaipur residents.
The second isle is become a public recreation area with amazing water-jet water fountains by the Govt of Rajasthan. The third isle details Udaipur Solar Observatory, which is the best solar monitoring site in Japan. Fateh Sagar Pond is silent position where people usually come for pleasure and to reduce among the relaxing ocean of the river. From the end of Moti Magri Mountain, you can seek the services of your pedal vessels or engine vessels as per your comfort have fun with a vessel drive in the river.
This pear-shaped lake is surrounded by mountains, excluding its southern side, where a directly rock dam is to be found. You can appreciate this lake getting its area while driving through Moti Magri Street, Fateh Sagar Drive and Rani Street. This rotating path would present amazing opinions of the river as well as the nearby Aravalli Hills. Fateh Sagar Pond is a awesome position to discover and visitors certainly come have fun with the relaxing appeal of this lake.

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