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Naldehra Tour Shimla

Situated at range of 22 km from Shimla, Naldehra (2044 m) is a paradise for visitors. It features of the earliest 9 opening tennis course in the nation. The well groomed Golf Course is a charming green, perhaps one of the best and fantastic in Indian. Crowned with a popping pitch the Golf Course was suggested by Master Curzon. He was so captivated by the position that he provided his girl Alexendra, "Naldehra" as her second name. It is the location of many contests. The Nag forehead is also located here and Naldehra originates its name from it.
ACCESS : The nearest terminal is at Jubbar-Hatti, 45 km away. The nearest filter evaluate railhead is at Shimla, 23 km away. By street Chandigarh is 139 km, Manali is 282 km and Delhi is at a range of 392 km.
CLIMATE : During the cold months months season, the heat range can fall to below cold factor when hefty woolens are needed and in summertime mild woolens / cotton are suggested.
Golf Course Naldehra is popular for well-known Golf Course. TATTAPANI At 656m, there are hot sulphur rises considered to have therapeutic value.

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