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Tulsi Manas Temple Varanasi

Tulsi Manas forehead is one of the most popular wats of Varanasi. It is also an essential visitor fascination of the sacred town. The Tulsi Manas forehead is situated near the popular Durga forehead. It was designed in white-colored stone in the season 1964. The forehead has been created more wonderful by the spectacular landscape designs around it. The Tulsi Manas forehead is devoted to master Ram. It is considered to be designed at the same position where Tulsidas had written the popular Native indian impressive, Ramcharitamanasa. The surfaces of the Tulsi Manas forehead are etched with passages and scenarios from the Ramcharitammanasa, the Hindi edition of the Ramayana. The forehead is start from 5.30 AM to mid-day and 3.30 to 9 PM.

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