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About India

India is a country that contains twenty eight states and seven union territories in it. Different states have their own specialties that facilitate the visitors of this kingdom. In different states different kinds of dishes are available and recipes make them differ from others. A well cooked food is the way to reach to heart and Indian recipes are very helpful in facilitating even the foreigners towards it. In India people may find the dishes belonging to all over the country in a same place such as Italian dishes, Chinese food and the particular dishes of other nations.

Significant Factors to Make India a Recognized Nation:

  • Seventh largest country
  • Second most populous nation
  • Support democracy
  • Include twenty eight states
  • Seven union territories
  • Different religion
  • Best destinations for travelers

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India is full of religious people who belong to different religions and this is the reason why India is recognized as the place of spirituality and philosophy. Belonging to different religions hardly matters for the people of this nation and they give the same importance and values to the each religion. Among different kinds of religion including Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism, and Muslims Hinduism is the most dominant religious conviction of this nation. The latest research report explains that near about eighty percent Indians is Hindu. Several kinds of festivals are to be celebrated in this country in every year including Holi, Deewali, Eid and Christmas. In all the festivals people belonging to any religious faith participate and grant to others for specific reasons. The celebrities of this country are also from different cast and religion and showing the examples of unity.

India is a huge kingdom containing billions of people in it and visiting here is the desire of most of the people whether they are residents of here or want to visit here from other countries. This is the most desired destination of the travelers as this country has numbers of places containing natural beauty in its lap. Manali, Goa, Udaipur, Gangtok, Jaipur and many more cities are the main factors of facilitating towards it. All of these cities are the best and perfect example of beauty of nature and god's own created places.